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From Mayo: 9 weapons against physician burnout

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A report from the  Mayo Clinic advances ways for hospitals and health systems to boost physician engagement and prevent burnout,

The summary says:

“The health care field is experiencing unprecedented changes that threaten the survival of many health care organizations. To successfully navigate these challenges, health care executives need committed and productive physicians working in collaboration with organization leaders. Unfortunately, national studies suggest that at least 50% of US physicians are experiencing professional burnout, indicating that most executives face this challenge with a disillusioned physician workforce. Burnout is a syndrome characterized by exhaustion, cynicism, and reduced effectiveness. Physician burnout has been shown to influence quality of care, patient safety, physician turnover, and patient satisfaction. Although burnout is a system issue, most institutions operate under the erroneous framework that burnout and professional satisfaction are solely the responsibility of the individual physician. Engagement is the positive antithesis of burnout and is characterized by vigor, dedication, and absorption in work. There is a strong business case for organizations to invest in efforts to reduce physician burnout and promote engagement. ”

Mayo’s nine organizational strategies to promote physician well-being:

  1. Strategy 1: Acknowledge and Assess the Problem
  2. Strategy 2: Harness the Power of Leadership
  3. Strategy 3: Develop and Implement Targeted Interventions
  4. Strategy 4: Cultivate Community at Work
  5. Strategy 5: Use Rewards and Incentives Wisely
  6. Strategy 6: Align Values and Strengthen Culture
  7. Strategy 7: Promote Flexibility and Work-Life Integration
  8. Strategy 8: Provide Resources to Promote Resilience and Self-care
  9. Strategy 9: Facilitate and Fund Organizational Science

To read the Mayo report, please hit this link.

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