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Md. hospitals launch patient-engagement campaign

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The Baltimore Sun reports on how hospitals in Maryland, as in many other places, are changing  how they deliver care, “focusing more on coordinating services and preventing complications.” And they’re launching a campaign to explain the new approach to the public.

“Called ‘A Breath of Fresh Care,’ the campaign’s goal is to get patients to engage in their care by directing them to hospital wellness and chronic-disease management initiatives, as well as information on interacting with providers or even the process of registering a complaint,” the paper reports.

So the Maryland Hospital Association has set up a Web site called with links to individual hospitals’ Web sites. And public-education forums will start in the fall.

“Healthcare in Maryland, is evolving by leaps and bounds; gone are the days when consumers sat on the sidelines, detached from their care,” said Carmela Coyle, association president and CEO. “Healthcare in the 21st Century is about patients; hospitals and other providers are looking to their patients and communities like never before as partners in health. Simply put, to enable Marylanders to lead long, healthy lives, we need their help.”

To read The Sun’s story, please hit this link.

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