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Medical lessons from ‘Avengers’

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Amit Phull, M.D., writing in FierceHealthcare gives his “take] on a few characters {from Avengers: Endgame} that mirror key players in healthcare and what the industry can learn from these beloved characters’ story lines.”

But he concludes:

“A huge player in Avengers: Endgame that almost always seems to be forgotten are the innocent civilians—which in healthcare, are the patients. In the battle of New York, the entire city is destroyed and innocent lives are taken. Let’s not forget: As entrepreneurs and business executives in healthcare, we cannot overlook the patients

“In the end, each hero’s mission really distills down to two players: the patient and the doctor. The patient who needs access to high-quality healthcare and the physician who administers that care. No matter what your healthcare business may be, it’s important to always keep the patient and the physician top of mind, or else we will lose sight of the bigger picture and our version of the supervillain Thanos may win. ” 

To read his piece, please hit this link.

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