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Medicine needs more people like Donald Trump

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Suneel Dhand, M.D., asserts that the medical profession needs more people like Donald Trump. 

He says: “I simply don’t agree with anyone who says the man is just an empty façade. His books, despite sometimes going over the top, do actually contain plenty of good advice and insights into success and thinking like a winner. They also make abundantly clear that Donald Trump is a man who knows how to negotiate and will always push for the best possible deal.”

“Strong advocacy, a clear voice, and persistence are needed to secure the best deal for yourself and what you represent. That’s something that most of the frontline players in health care have consistently failed to get over the last couple of decades. And whether you love him or loathe him, making deals and getting the best out of any situation is something Donald Trump has perfected to an almost art form when it comes to himself and his brand. Indeed, perhaps if people with Donald Trump’s negotiating and branding skills were negotiating an agenda for doctors or patients, there would be more times we would be telling people who are pushing health care in the wrong direction: ‘You’re fired.”‘


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