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How Millennials are changing U.S. healthcare

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Text and video: This USA Today article looks at how Millennials are changing U.S. healthcare. Among other things they often prefer to deal with the healthcare system via a screen rather than face to face with clinicians and they tend to prefer high-deductible insurance plans.

The piece notes: “‘As more Millennials interact with the healthcare system, the industry will find itself facing a more sophisticated and demanding group that won’t stand for its inefficiencies with the same begrudging acceptance of previous generations,’ said Kathy Hempstead, director of insurance coverage for the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation.”

“Older people have sort of gotten used to interacting with healthcare providers in certain ways, even though the rest of the service sector has made all these improvements in customer service while the healthcare industry hasn’t,” Ms. Hempstead told the paper. “I think Millennials are going to give the healthcare industry more impetus to really improve the customer service part of what they do.”

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