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Millennials very cost-and-convenience conscious about healthcare

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Millennials might be tough medical customers, suggests a Modern Healthcare article.

It reports:

“Providers are watching the millennial generation, which is known in the industry for opting for the convenience and immediacy of retail and urgent care, rather than the traditional appointment-based primary-care relationship….”

{A survey found  that Millennials “are more than twice as likely to research providers on websites such as Yelp, Consumer Reports and Angie’s List, and 32% of millennials said they’ve switched providers when they were dissatisfied, a rate that is 12 percentage points higher than that of other generations.

“A millennial’s dissatisfaction can come from a variety of factors, though cost was highlighted as a major issue. Sixty percent of millennials said cost influenced their evaluation of a provider, and millennials cited it as a significant reason for why they’d leave a provider. Forty-one percent of millennials said they have postponed seeking healthcare because it was too expensive, and 21% said they have a high-deductible health plan….”

“Millennials are also big fans of alternative, retail-style care sites, with 43% of millennials reporting they’ve used an urgent-care site in the past year, and 23% saying they’ve used a retail health clinic in that time frame. Not surprisingly, millennials were less likely to have seen a primary-care physician in the past year.

“Millennials are looking for convenience and customer service, and they’re not necessarily looking for a long-term, in-depth relationship. It’s a pretty big paradigm shift,”  Halee Fischer-Wright, M.D., CEO of the Medical Group Management Association, told Modern Healthcare

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