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Minn. governor calls ACA ‘no longer affordable’ for many

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Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton, a Democrat, says  that the Affordable Care Act is “no longer affordable for an increasing number of people.” Just a few years ago, he had strongly endorsed the law.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that he made  the comments “while addressing questions about Minnesota’s fragile health insurance market, where individual plans are facing double-digit increases after all insurers threatened to exit the market entirely in 2017.”

The governor asked  Congress to fix the law to address rising costs and market stability.

His remarks followed  criticism nationwide, including former President Bill Clinton saying last week that the law was “the craziest thing in the world” before backtracking a bit and saying  that while the ACA needed fixes to address gaps it had done some good in expanding care.

The effect of all this may be in the fullness of time that  many Democrats will embrace a”Medicare for all” system to replace the staggeringly complicated, wasteful and expensive private-and-public-insurance “system” the nation has now.

To read a Minneapolis Star Tribune article on this, please hit this link.


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