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More collaboration coming between hospitals, retail clinics

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A look at the inevitable coming increase in collaboration between hospitals and retail clinics based on a new report by the Convenient Care Association.

As Fiercehealthcare notes: “Not only do the clinics offer an opportunity to expand primary care access, they can act as the first line for defense against chronic illnesses through increased access to screening and management resources, freeing up resources at hospitals, according to the report. Moreover, joint efforts by hospitals/health systems and clinics can also strengthen post-discharge health management by easing access to follow-up care within 30 days of discharge, the CCA said.

“For many patients, a retail clinic visit is their first contact with the complex healthcare system and as many as 60 percent of retail clinic patients do not have an established primary care provider. Through affiliations with the health systems, retail clinics can offer patients easier access to the affiliated health systems,” the report said.


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