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Oregon’s secret to healthcare reform

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William A. Galston writes in a very important piece in today’s  Wall Street Journal that Oregon is so far succeeding with its 15 regional Coordinated Care Organizations  involving Medicaid patients “designed to break down the multiple ‘silos’ of health services and provide integrated, patient-centered  services with a focus on primary and preventive care.”

Oregon’s governor, John Kitzhaber, M.D., is leading the way in developing this national model of reform.

So far, the plan seems to be succeeding in saving money while improving healthcare delivery. If it goes on like this, says Mr. Galston, “the results would be revolutionary….for the country as a whole, implementation of the Oregon model could save Medicaid more than $900 billion over the next decade.”

Cambridge Management Group has been working  intensely in Oregon on coordinated-care community-health projects and is very pleased that Mr. Galston is touting what we at CMG also see as potentially revolutionary improvements.

He notes that the Center for American Progress suggests expansion of the Oregon model ”to cover all healthcare spending, public and private,” in the U.S.


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