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Penalize physicians for non-adherent patients?

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As physician reimbursement shifts to value-based payments, doctors will have to deal with being financially penalized for poor outcomes — penalties that may seem  unfair when patients do not adhere to treatment regimes.

“Most doctors don’t mind being judged on their quality of care,”  Kevin Campbell, M.D., a cardiologist at the University of North Carolina, told Medscape. “But if the physician has done everything right for the patient and the patient is non-adherent, should that reflect poorly on the clinician?”

Yes, say some experts.

Assuring patients’ adherence is as much a part of being a good doctor as drawing up a successful treatment plan,  Stephen Wilkins, MPH, a former hospital executive who runs Mind The Gap Academy, in San Jose, Calif., told Medscape. Mind The Gap Academy  seeks to improve medical outcomes through better physician/patient engagement.

Medscape offers advice from a patient advocate, a hospital leader, an academic physician and a private-practice physician on improving  outcomes through boosting adherence. Here they are, stripped down to  headlines.

Provide patients with reminders. 

Simplify dosing. 

Get patients involved in decision-making.

Help patients accept high medication costs.

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