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Physicians in poll reject mandatory retirement age

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Although the federal government, among other institutions, sets mandatory retirement ages for such  high-risk industries  as aviation and law enforcement, a hefty 73 percent of respondents to a Modern Healthcare online poll said that such measures aren’t needed for most physicians.

However,  the publication reported, “respondents overwhelmingly backed mandatory assessment programs, and many felt stricter age-related policies are needed for certain clinical specialties like surgery.”

“Mandatory retirement assumes cognitive decline is universal, which it is not, ” said one respondent. “Frankly the health system cannot afford to lose the manpower,” stated another.

The publication said that “Respondents did worry about the ability of aging physicians to stay abreast of new regulations, treatments and technologies. ‘It becomes impossible to keep up,’ one said.”

“Differences narrowed when poll-takers were asked whether retirement should be mandatory for certain specialists. About 46 perecent answered ‘yes,’ with surgeons the most frequently cited specialty. Those jobs are physically demanding, require fine motor skills, dexterity and eye-hand coordination, they noted. Invasive cardiologists, obstetricians, neurologists and emergency medicine doctors also were frequently cited.”

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