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Pitfalls of firing a patient

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This Medical Economics piece look at how to safely and ethically fire a patient. Obviously, there can be big implications for the organizations with which the firing doctors are associated. As the piece notes:

The piece defines “patient abandonment” and explains:

”A myriad of situations might bring about a doctor’s discharge of a patient and termination of the physician-patient relationship. The physician might move, leave the insurance network, or determine that the patient needs the care of a different specialist. The physician also might want to end the relationship due to inappropriate patient conduct such as disruptive or violent behavior; repeatedly missing appointments and/or non-adherence to treatment plans; or refusal to pay for medical services.”

”Physicians must avoid discriminatory practices that are prohibited by law, including refusing to treat or discharge of a patient based upon the patient’s race, nationality, religion, age, sex or sexual orientation.”

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