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“The caught thief servant,by Constant Wauters (1845).

A report by Protenus and says here were 29 breaches of purportedly protected  personal health information in June, including a total of more than 11 million patient records, significantly higher than any other month this year.

The 11 million compromised records were 23 of the 29 breaches for which data were made available. The report said that the majority are attributable to a single incident, in which a hacker under the username thedarkoverlord listed millions of stolen patient records for sale online. In May 2016, just under 700,000 records were compromised.

“41.4 percent of reported [June 2016] breach incidents involved hacking, 41.4 percent involved insider wrongdoing/error and 17.2 percent involved theft/loss of devices or paper records,” the report reads. “Interestingly, in the 23 incidents for which information is available, nine involved business associates or vendors — with six stemming from the same BA. The number of business associates with access to patient records via EHR systems increasingly creates new security complexities for health systems to manage.”

The report also said that 86 percent of the compromised data came from healthcare providers, 11 percent  from health plans and 4 percent, due to stolen records, were from the Washington Redskins NFL team.

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