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Priorities in digital innovation

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A new survey by the American Hospital Association and AVIA found that three out of four healthcare leaders linked digital innovation and their institutions’ long-term competitiveness.

The report listed these essential factors, among others: sufficient IT resources, a flexible budget cycle and dedicated funding pool.

“Successfully scaling innovation is a strategic imperative, and these survey results crack the code,” Eric Langshur, CEO and co-founder of AVIA, said. “We now know that top performers share traits that allow them to accelerate innovation 52 percent faster than average organizations, shortening time to impact by a full year.”

Among digital-innovation priorities: primary-care delivery; easing patient access to care; referral management; care transition to post-acute-care sites, including via telemedicine, and employee-benefits management,.

In a KPMG survey published earlier this year, healthcare chief information officers ranked EHR optimization and population health as top digital concerns. Following them were such concerns as virtual-technology enhancements and enterprise resource planning.

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