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Push for IT to support population health

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“Crowding” (photo modified in PhotoShop), by DAVID STONE, at Alpers Fine Art, Andover, Mass. He shot this from a balcony overlooking the front plaza of the Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston.

A Peer60 report said that 60 percent of institutions plan to invest in IT infrastructure in 2015 that could help support population health and patient engagement.

MedCity News noted: “Not surprisingly, ICD-10 migration topped the list of planned issues for hospital IT staffs, with 58 percent of all hospital leaders indicating it was a priority. The number jumps to 70 percent among groups that will specifically be working with the transition.”

“The critical market for patient engagement is still forming as almost 40 percent of hospitals don’t have a solution yet,” the report said. “That isn’t stopping hospitals that already have patient engagement solutions from making changes, though.”

“In other words, the population health management market in 2015 is going to be absolutely gigantic,” the report states.

But only 25 percent of hospitals in the survey said they plan to buy  patient-data-security IT in 2015, according to the report — despite some very bad hacking in the past year.


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