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PutinCare better than ObamaCare?

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1883 photo of the Grand Kremlin Palace, now the official residence of the president of Russia.

Donald Trump says that he doesn’t like “ObamaCare,” and that he admires Russian President Vladimir Putin. So here’s a look at “PutinCare”.

Among the remarks of Robert I. Field in an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer:

{R}ather than stabilizing the  {Russian healthcare} system, {Mr. Putin’s} reforms have led it back into chaos. In 2014, they resulted in the widespread closure of hospitals, including 28 in Moscow, and to the firing of thousands of healthcare workers in what government officials have called “optimization” of resources. Huge street protests by physicians and patients followed. Other cost-cutting measures in outlying regions have encountered similar resistance in what has been described as a ‘social revolt.’

”While Trump has been light on details, he says that he supports universal healthcare coverage in concept with the government paying the cost. At the same time, the foreign leader he so admires has had significant difficulty achieving that goal, even under a constitutional obligation, and has led the system to state of crisis.”

“Would Trump follow a different path from Putin in healthcare, or would the Russian leader be his guide? We are waiting to hear.”

To read Mr. Field’s essay, please hit this link.

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