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R.I., Conn. laws curb physician noncompete provisions

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Rhode Island and Connecticut have just enacted laws restricting  non-compete provisions in physicians’ contracts, according to the National Law Review.

The aim  is to protect patients’ choices  by preventing employers or partners from restricting  physicians’ ability to practice medicine at the end of a professional relationship.

Rhode Island’s law bars any  non-compete language in most physician agreements. No contract can “restrict [a physician’s] right to practice medicine,” according to the report.

But the law does not apply to the purchase and sale of physician practices.

Connecticut’s law limits the duration of a physician’s non-compete clause to a year and the  location to which the non-compete is effective to up to 15 miles from the primary site where the physician practices. The new law  renders the non-compete clause unenforceable if the physician’s employment is terminated without cause.

To read the National Law Journal article, please hit this link.

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