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To reduce overtreatment, add chairs

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“The Doctor,” by Luke Fildes


At a Kaiser Health News event in Washington, D.C., reported on by FierceHealthcare  attendees heard some little discussed and inexpensive ways to reduce overtreatment. One suggestion, by Jacqueline Kruser, M.D., was to add chairs in hospital rooms to make it easier and more relaxed for physicians to talk with patients about their treatment goals..

Another idea, of Ranit Mishori, M.D., was that primary-care doctors—who typically have years-long relationships with patients—should collect a rundown of some  points about patients’ lifestyles, care goals and personal values into their histories.

Fierce said that that, paraphrasing Mishori, “can help guide the conversation about whether a patient wants to undergo the lengthy process of recovering from surgery or pursue a less aggressive option after an injury. Having that information in their electronic health record can later ensure that information sticks with them no matter where the patient is treated.”

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