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Review of the ‘Choosing Wisely’ campaign

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Here’s a review of the  successes and disappointments so far of the ABIM  Foundation’s “Choosing Wisely” campaign aimed at getting patients and clinicians to talk more thoroughly and honestly  with each other about medical, financial, psychological and other issues that should be addressed in healthcare decision-making. The aim is better care and tighter cost control.

It’s by Daniel Wolfson, M.D., of the ABIM Foundation, which is part of the American Board of Internal Medicine empire.

His remarks in a long HealthAffairs piece include:

Choosing Wisely has been criticized for focusing on conversations instead of measures and implementation. It has also been criticized by some who said the content of the lists of unnecessary tests and procedures compiled by various specialties do not address more challenging areas of overuse. These are valid concerns.”


“Efforts to develop additional lists of wasteful tests and procedures are already happening at the grassroots level, such as the Journal of Hospital Medicine’s new series: Choosing Wisely: Things we do for no reason. Group practices have also begun these conversations. We welcome more and more communities to work together to discuss what unnecessary tests and procedures they may be ordering and performing.”



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