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S.F. company’s new care-coordination software

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Modern Healthcare reports:

“Managing large patient populations within value-based reimbursement models is placing new demands on clinical support staff to improve patient care coordination. Case managers, social workers and pharmacists today are working alongside primary-care providers with shared responsibility for making sure a patient’s care is well-managed.

“It’s created the need for software programs that go well beyond the typical electronic health record. San Francisco-based Acupera is seeking to meet this emerging need with a software platform that recognizes that care coordination requires a team-based approach.

“Its care-management software uses a complex algorithm that automatically converts data drawn from multiple data sets into a sophisticated care plan for each patient that can be used by both clinical and nonclinical staff, many of whom have limited experience with traditional EHR systems. Acupera is betting that, eventually, functions integral to population health management will be prompted by software and performed automatically.”

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