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Self-awareness key to physician leaders’ success

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An article in Physicians’ Practice reports on how organizational psychologist Tasha Eurich sees how physician leaders with self-awareness can help their teams to thrive even in difficult circumstances.

The crucial thing is self-awareness, built on two forms of self-knowledge: leaders’ understanding of who they are internally and how well they understand how others see them.

The article says that according to her research, self-aware people are:

  • “Better performers at work”
  • “Receive more promotions”
  • “More effective communicators”
  • “More engaging and motivating leaders”

She says that self-aware health-care leaders tend to:

  1. “Have higher well being”
  2. “Lower burnout”
  3. “And organizations they are a part of deliver higher-quality care and have higher patient satisfaction.”

To read the article, please hit this link.

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