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Study: Primary-care physicians heavily involved in breast-cancer care

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A University of Michigan study found that most breast-cancer victims   said that their primary-care physicians were involved in their breast-cancer care during treatment and  the patients rated  highly their primary-care physicians’ engagement and communication levels.

“While we hypothesized that many women receive high-quality primary-care during breast cancer treatment, we were surprised that the majority of women in our study also reported high levels of engagement and communication with their PCP during cancer treatment, when the care is typically focused primarily on treating the cancer,” said lead author Lauren P. Wallner, of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

“In team-based cancer care, oncology care teams work together with primary care and other specialty care teams to ensure patients receive high-quality, coordinated cancer care,” she said.

To read a Reuters story on the study, please hit this link.


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