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Survey: 60% of hospital execs see major change needed

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The Economist Intelligence Unit has come up with a research report, “Tipping Point: Hospital Resilience in a Perfect Storm,” sponsored by Prudential Retirement, that says that almost 60 percent of U.S. hospital executives say that their institutions must substantially  and soon change their business models if they are to survive.

Some findings:

  • The shift from fee-based to value-based payments is the single challenge facing U.S. hospitals. 71 percent of  said that shift posed the most critical challenge. 61 percent said the shift worsens pressures on the hospital value proposition.  58 percent said hospitals must change their  models to survive.  But only half  said they were well prepared to address this challenge.
  • 60 percent  said big data are transforming patient-related opportunities; 57 percent called them a game changer for operational performance, and 63 percent said the value of hospitals’ data  remains largely untapped.
  • 39 percent  said attracting and retaining workforce talent is critical for the hospital sector.   As far as their own hospitals are concerned,  74 percent believe their organizations need to pay more attention to retaining and attracting the best talent.
  • The intensification of patient demands about service are the second most likely challenge to be called “extremely critical” (24 percent) by survey respondents.

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