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Survey of healthcare billers finds Medicare remarkably popular

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The market-research firm Peer60 surveyed nearly 800 ambulatory-care leaders (36.8 percent of whom were physicians;  participants also included practice administrators and financial and nurse leaders) on which insurer they liked the  most.  Peer60 found that Medicare was surprisingly popular.

To the surprise of everyone, Medicare—allegedly “slow, inefficient, broken and inflexible,” ranked number two (with 16 percent of the vote), behind Blue Cross Blue Shield, which ranked first, at 22 percent, and way ahead of (UHC), which ranked a distant third, at 9 percent.

The study said that survey respondents  cited Medicare’s  fast reimbursement, efficient precertification, low staff time required to file claims, ease of negotiating with, low amount paperwork required,  fewest denied claims and the best customer service.

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