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Survey: Organizational culture is key in improving healthcare

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An article in NEJM Catalyst, rich with survey material, says that “organizational culture” is the most important element in an institution meeting healthcare-improvement goals. The authors, Stephen Swensen, M.D., and Namita Seth Mohta, M.D., write:

“{I}t is notable that culture at many health care organizations is changing — and in the right direction, say nearly 60% of respondents to our latest NEJM Catalyst Insights Council survey. Three-quarters of respondents — who are clinical leaders, clinicians, and executives from organizations directly involved in healthcare delivery — label culture change a high or moderate priority in their organization.”

Those surveyed in NEJM Catalyst Insights Council Survey said, in the authors’ words, that “a commitment to quality, an emphasis on patient care, and a focus on each individual’s impact have resulted in positive culture change at their organizations, whereas concentrating too heavily on the bottom line and productivity has had negative repercussions.”

To read the NEJM article, please hit this link.

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