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Survey suggests many physicians in no hurry to retire

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Research by Hanover Research looked at why many older physicians don’t want to retire, or at least don’t want to completely retire from medicine. The study suggested that more physicians than expected want to keep working than many in the healthcare sector had believed. That may be good news for the U.S. healthcare “system,” which faces clinician shortages in some places.

The Hanover surveyors contacted more than 400 physicians 50 and older. The average respondent was  60 years old, worked about 45 hours a week, and had practiced medicine for an average of 28 years.

They found that overall, physician said they planned to retire at  68, compared with the average U.S. retirement age of 65.  51 percent of respondents indicated they’d be interested in working in regular part-time jobs or occasionally after formal retirement.



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