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Sutter, Quartet collaborate to help mentally ill get access to wide range of specialists

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Sacramento, Calif.-based Sutter Health and New York City-based Quartet are collaborating to help mental-health patients get access to the right specialists for physical,  mental- and behavioral health issues via a cloud-based  Quartet platform.

Quartet asserted to Med City News that almost 50 percent of the U.S. adult population has a chronic physical disease, and two-thirds of them have an accompanying mental-health condition.

The Sacramento Region Community Health Needs Assessment says the  need for better coordination is particularly great in the Sacramento area, where ED visits due to mental-health conditions are about four times the rate of U.S. and California benchmarks.

“If you have these patients who have anxiety and they’re coming in and being admitted to the ER, they’re taking up time in the hospital that could be dedicated to someone that has a more acute emergency,” Quartet president and COO David Liu told Med City News.

Mr. Liu said that the  platform lets [physicians] “create a care team environment that hasn’t really been there. When you do this through our platform, you have an integrated, digital way to have these two parties work together asynchronously and synchronously to move the patient on the path to being healthy.”

The news site said that Quartet “is integrating its technology into Sutter’s EMR, meaning physicians can make a referral for patients directly through the system. After making the recommendation, PCPs and mental-health specialists can jointly chart a patient’s progress and compare notes.”

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