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It takes a village in Manhattan

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Dr. Fred N. Pelzman, internist, writes in MedPage Today about trying to replicate some of the virtues of small-t0wn America in an urban setting to make the patient-centered medical home concept work.

”We seem to have plenty of doctors, plenty of nurse practitioners, plenty of nurses, plenty of medical technicians…. ┬ábut they need more care coordinat0rs.”

”{F}or our 1,000 highest-risk, most complicated patients that need care coordination, it seems like they live in 1,000 different neighborhoods, and so the daunting process arises of building up a network of support in each of these different places.”

”{W}hat we need in each person’s neighborhood are those smaller, more individualized, high-touch resources that are much more likely to do good for the patient than whatever we do for them in the office. It could be a local community center, a place where the patient can go and spend time during the day, a place to get a healthy meal, a low-cost gym or a group that they can begin to exercise with, a pharmacist who knows them, or a support network of people who can keep an eye on them.”

”Without this, the patient-centered medical home is doomed to failure…”


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