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The power of a uniform

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A physician’s scrub top.

Becker’s Hospital Review discusses how Esquire magazine’s Tom Chiarella “donned four different professional ensembles  on the streets of Chicago” to show the power of a profession, or at least the appearance of one.

“But when he suited up in scrubs and a lab coat, moved with urgency and looked at his phone a lot, people’s attitudes changed. When Mr. Chiarella was dressed as a physician, he learned people wouldn’t ignore him, look past him or ask him for anything. They would try to help him.”

“People stepped out of his way as he walked down the street, cab drivers waved him through intersections and a concerned hostess at a restaurant offered him water, he wrote. A shirtless bartender even poured him half a beer with no questions asked.”

“The world wants to help a doctor. The uniform conveys a responsibility that people are willing to share,” he wrote in Esquire.


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