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These things draw primary-care residents to jobs

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This Medical Economics piece looks at what is most likely to get primary-care  residents to go to work in this or that place. 

Among the findings:

“When considering an opportunity, ‘location’ and ‘compensation’ (64% and 62%, respectively) were more important than ‘type of practice’ and ‘family needs’ (40% and 35% respectively).

“The results show that there are several important factors, in addition to compensation, that influence whether an internal medicine physician will accept a position.  A geographic region where physicians have personal ties and opportunities for improved work life balance, such as shorter work schedules and better call schedules play an important role, especially when competing for talent in high demand and short supply.”

American physicians are by far the world’s highest paid, so not unexpectedly the young internists  (many of whom have big education bills) expect a lot:

·       “The median annual compensation expectation among respondents was $236,104.

·       “The majority (62%) of residents expected signing bonuses to be between $10,000 and $25,000, with the remainder expecting $26,000 or more.”

To read all the findings, please hit this link.

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