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Tricky business of screening for social determinants of health

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This JAMA article looks at “avoiding the unintended consequences of screening for social determinants of health”.

The authors conclude, among other things:

“An important consideration is how to reliably identify such adverse factors to inform timely intervention. However, screening for social determinants of health is fundamentally different than more traditional medical screening. As a result, application of key principles could help ensure the benefits of such screening and minimize unintended consequences. Social determinants screening should (1) be patient- and family-centered and involve shared decision making; (2) be conducted within a comprehensive process and system that supports early detection, referral, and linkage to a wide array of community-based services; (3) engage the entire practice population rather than targeted subgroups; and (4) acknowledge and build on the strengths of patients, families, and communities. With attention to these key tenets, screening for social determinants of health has the potential to significantly improve the health and well-being of all patients.”

To read the article, please hit this link.

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