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UCSF Health gets $500 million donation toward building new hospital

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FierceHealthcare reports:

“A $500 million donation will help the University of California at San Francisco accelerate plans to build a new hospital at its Parnassus Heights campus.

“UCSF Health patients are currently treated in one of two buildings at Parnassus Heights—the Moffit and Long hospitals—and at an ambulatory surgery center. The Moffit building, which was first built in 1955, must be rebuilt by 2030 to meet seismic codes, and the Helen Diller Foundation donation will allow that process to begin a bit sooner, the university announced.

“The hospital project will cost an estimated $1.5 billion.

“The new hospital, which will be built where the Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital and Clinics sits now, will be outfitted with new technology, including virtual reality and robotics, according to the announcement. Langley is scheduled to move to a new location and open in 2020. ”

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