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Undergrads staffing free clinic in Calif.

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A group of undergraduate students at the University of California at Irvine are staffing a free clinic for  low-income, underserved patients that also would prepare the students for healthcare careers. Free  healthcare staff: Very attractive in a country with the world’s most expensive medical care!

Most of the students at the An Lanh Clinic in Garden Grove are pharmaceutical  and biology majors, but the facility also has students studying  to be Vietnamese and Spanish translators. And  the clinic is recruiting students in informatics and computer science to develop an easier-to-navigate Web site, the Los Angeles Times reports.

About 40 UCI undergrads staff the clinic, according to Andy Nguyen, a senior who is the facility’s student president, told the paper that about 40 UCI undergrads work at the clinic. Physicians, other healthcare professionals and  medical students also volunteer their time there.


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