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Value-based challenges of small practices

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Kevin M. Fickenscher, M.D., in his blog titled The Fickenscher Files, discusses a General Accounting Office report on the challenges faced by small and rural physician practices in moving to value-based reimbursement systems.

The report discusses  practices with 15 or fewer physicians and/or those outside of  urban areas and defined the value-based models under five categories: financial resources and risk management; health IT and data; population-health management care delivery; quality- and efficiency- performance measurement and reporting, and the effects of model participation and managing compliance with requirements. 

Dr. Fickenscher writes that  from “the report and other initiatives that have been undertaken by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, it’s increasingly clear that the small and rural practices need ‘special’ attention and, that urban models do not necessarily translate easily to the outlying areas.  One of the biggest issues in the population health movement is how best to deliver such care when time and distance are major impediments for the care delivery programs.  For those who are interested in the roadblocks faced by these practices, the GAO report is a quick read and provides a blueprint on where the focus should be related to remedial steps in solving the problems.”

To read the report, please hit this link.

To read Dr. Fickenscher‘s blog, please hit this link.

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