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Varsa Health’s platforms link BH patients, PC providers

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Varsa Health has some intriguing  pilot programs dealing with population health. It’s particularly interested in new approaches to behavioral health, especially in finding ways to link behavioral-health specialists and care managers to primary-care providers.

One example from MedCity News of its approach is academic medical center using “Varsa Health’s platform to identify young adults at risk for behavioral health problems such as depression and anxiety. Patients are either directed to a kiosk within a provider’s office or are connected to a Web site through a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Users receive feedback based on their responses through short multimedia content tied to their health status. Care teams receive notifications for patients at an elevated risk for a behavioral health condition based their responses on the questionnaire.”

“Another pilot includes a rural health system with a patient population dominated by people with serious mental illness. The idea is to reduce the gaps in follow-up care for its patients. Through mobile devices from patients or provided by case managers doing home visits, patients will be prompted to give outcomes data in a digital format. The idea is to gather information about patients’ health status from their perspective.”


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