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Vt. hospital to cut reimbursement charges to insurers

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Rutland (Vt.) Regional Medical Center  has  told the Green Mountain Care Board that the hospital will reduce reimbursement charges to insurance companies by 3.7 percent starting May 1, reports VT Digger.

The reimbursement cuts are a way for the hospital to rectify insurance overpayments it collected during fiscal 2015.

Under Vermont law, the Green Mountain Care Board is in charge of controlling the rate of growth in healthcare costs,  which it  tries to  curb  by limiting the amount of money that hospitals can receive from patient services.

The online publication says that Rutland Regional was among nine hospitals in the state  that took in more insurance money for patient care than allowed last year.

The Green Mountain Care Board found  that the hospitals took in excess revenue because they had expected to write off $145.3 million in uncompensated care.  But instead, the institutions wrote off a combined $98.8 million in bad debt and charity care, a $46.5 million gap.


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