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W. Edward Massey joins CMG

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W. Edward Massey has joined Cambridge Management Group (CMG) as a senior adviser.

Mr. Massey will assist CMG clients in complex and entrepreneurial organizational-development assignments that involve physicians, institutions and physician-institution relationships. Decades of consulting, finance and executive experience in healthcare, including high-tech medical devices, major teaching hospitals and national home-healthcare networks, enable him to provide guidance in all areas of planning, finance and operations to meet increasingly complex organizational and system requirements. He helps to develop new market initiatives and delivery vehicles responsive to today’s rapidly changing reimbursement and quality-control/delivery environment.

The author of two award-winning novels (Every Soul Is Free and Telluride Promise), Mr. Massey writes on themes that focus on communicating and transferring values, particularly across generations. He brings these narrative skills — and his current work developing and implementing formats and events to communicate these values — to CMG clients at organizational turning points, including crises and growth.

Mr. Massey helps healthcare executives, including physician executives, to understand how they got to their present situations, how to empower staff with their values, and how best to move their organizations forward.

Among other achievements in a 32-year career as a healthcare entrepreneur, investor and executive,  he founded a physician-based brachytherapy company and a home-healthcare company that grew to 17 states and 3,300 patients; it provided para-professional, skilled-nursing, respiratory-therapy and infusion-therapy services. He also led development financing for the company creating an artificial heart as well as for two drug-delivery companies. He was a partner of E.M. Warburg Pincus & Co., a leading venture-capital firm, and a co-founder of A.P.M., where he was instrumental in converting the firm from an ambulatory-care-delivery company to a consulting firm.

W. Edward Massey lives in Stamford, Conn., with his wife, Anne, and has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a B.A. from Yale.

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