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What makes a good chief quality officer?

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Here’s a look at makes a good hospital chief quality officer at a time when consumers are demanding much more transparency about medical outcomes and other measures of quality.

Both clinical and administrative (including finance) knowledge are seen as important in the success of chief quality officers along, of course,  with high emotional intelligence.

Some of the key tasks of chief quality officers, as identified for Becker’s Hospital Review by Jim King of the executive-search form Witt/Kieffer:

• “Identifying and implementing unique and varied initiatives aimed at improving patient-care quality.

• “Leading continuous-improvement programs throughout the organization and helping develop a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.
• “Collaborating with other executives and engaging with leaders and clinicians throughout the organization in a hands-on fashion to build quality, efficiency, effectiveness and a sense of shared accountability.
• “Taking a clinical leadership role in evaluating care delivery and developing the infrastructure for improvement.
• “Strengthening the data and information capabilities of the organization and championing a data-driven environment.”






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