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When the patient is a healthcare bigamist

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Fred M. Pelzman, M.D., writes about the difficulty of trying to maintain an efficient patient-centered medical home for his regular patients when they so often see physicians outside of that home.

It can be an informational nightmare.

In his MedPage Today blog, he writes:

”We need to create systems that allow any provider anywhere to see all of the relevant information on our patients, whether through a patient portal, a smartphone app, or some other technological connectivity that allows them to bridge the barriers that exist once our offices close for the day.”

Similarly, we need to get feedback back from them, what they saw, what they thought, and what they did. All too often patients come to us and say “I went to a walk-in clinic over the weekend, they told me I had something, and they gave me some medicine, and they told me to follow up with you right away on Monday, ” and we are left to recreate the wheel.


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