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15 core metrics for health

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  • Life expectancy.

  • Well-being—measure of self-reported health status, as a general indicator of elements shaping quality of life.

  • Overweight and obesity.

  • Addictive behavior.

  • Unintended pregnancy.

  • Healthy communities—index of a community’s profile on health-related social and environmental dimensions, eg, education, housing, income, parks, and air and water quality.

  • Preventive services.

  • Care access.

  • Patient safety.

  • Evidence-based care.

  • Care match with patient goals—measure of the extent to which patient and family goals have been ascertained, discussed, and embedded in the care process.

  • Personal spending burden.

  • Population spending burden—measure of aggregate healthcare expenditures for a population relative to that population’s income.

  • Individual engagement—index of personal involvement in health-related behaviors, self-care, caregiving, and social activities that reflect a personal health orientation.

  • Community engagement.

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