Cooperating for better care.

Special Strengths

CMG’s Comfort and success in working with doctors:

  • Understanding the delicate relationship between physicians and hospitals.
  • Gaining physician trust and respect.
  • Bringing hospital managers and physicians to consensus.

Compact size and highly accessible senior consultants:

  • Giving clients highly personalized attention from the experienced senior members of the firm, who are not busy managing a “pyramid” of junior staff.

Industry knowledge and experience:

  • Serving only healthcare organizations, and having the necessary healthcare-sector operating and consulting experience to diagnose client problems and apply seasoned, rigorous and creative thinking to generate solutions.

Willingness to be a collegial participant and leader, not a distant expert:

  • Willing and able to work with clients to arrive at practical, reality-based solutions.

Ability to facilitate learning and decision-making among client groups:

  • Using proven methods, taking time to help clients “process” information or move quickly to resolution, depending on the client’s needs and time frame.

Disciplined approach to project fees:

  • Working primarily on a fixed, project-fee basis, and not stretching fees by adding expensive, time-based incremental billing. Instead, CMG focuses on achieving optimal results for clients as efficiently as possible.