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Trying to close gap between rich and safety-net hospitals

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“A High Tide at Atlantic City,” by ¬†William Trost Richards.

NJSpotlight reports on a new initiative to help safety-net providers in the Garden State.

“{L}arge and wealthy hospital systems have been investing in technology and dedicated staff to meet the goals of the Affordable Care Act and better coordinate patient care among different healthcare and social-service providers. But for hospitals that serve largely low-income residents, it can be difficult to pay for the programs to attain this level of coordination .

“A training program called the New Jersey Innovation Catalyst Initiative and funded by the Nicholson Foundation aims to close the gap between wealthier providers and those that serve as a safety net for patients who are uninsured or receive Medicaid.

“The initiative will bring experts from the San Francisco-based Center for Care Innovations (CCI) to help New Jersey hospitals, clinics and trade associations improve the healthcare they provide patients by using technology — often programs that are free or low-cost.”

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