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Colo. to vote on single-payer plan

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Downtown Vail., Colo.

The Denver Post reports that Colorado residents will vote  in the 2016 election on  a single-payer, state-sponsored health-insurance system

Under ColoradoCare, state residents would choose their own health providers,  but the state would pay for it, in a system similar to France’s.

The estimated cost of the program  is put at $25 billion a year, to be paid through a proposed 10 percent payroll tax.

Employers would pay 6.67 percent of the tax and employees would pay 3.33 percent. Still, The Post reports, “supporters are optimistic that the benefit will outweigh the costs to Colorado residents, since it will save them $5 billion annually while still receiving the same premium healthcare.”

Nationally watched plans to implement a single-payer plan in Vermont have so far been blocked by fiscal issues.

Meanwhile,  some have suggested that consolidation among private-sector health insurers should be encouraged to ease their ultimate merger into Medicare for all.



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