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N.Y.-Presbyterian makes patients stars of ad campaign

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New York-Presbyterian’s Upper Manhattan West Side campus.

New York-Presbyterian Hospital, the nation’s largest system, is making its patients, not its physicians, the stars of a major ad campaign as the hospital seeks to connect more with consumers,  many of whom are feeling more  informed these days in  choosing among providers.

David Feinberg,  who runs  marketing for hospital system,  said in an interview with Mashable of the ad campaign:

“All of the words come directly from the patient and really showcase what is meaningful to them. We hope they create a positive impression; we know they are inspiring and helpful to those who see them. People have connected with the ads, often giving themselves the courage to get the medical care they need.”

Mr. Feinberg’s department is measuring  the campaign’s impact by analyzing “types of reputation” across the  system and trying to link marketing  with patient volume and revenue.

Observers have increasingly argued that  patients are more likely to be inspired by marketing emphasizing the human touch of clinicians than by, for example, references to a hospital’s advanced technology or world-renown specialists.


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