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A town’s ‘Medical Mile’ and community health

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Newtown, Conn.’s “Medical Mile” is an example of the national phenomenon of real-estate developments merged with medical as well as broader community-health projects.

The Stamford Advocate reports that “Already, more than 80,000 square feet of medical space is either in the pipeline for the corridor or is soon to be constructed. That’s in addition to age-restricted housing units and assisted-living facilities also under development in the corridor….”

“Because of changes in the healthcare system, more medical groups are looking to locate their services in community settings instead of hospitals. Changes to government reimbursement models for programs like Medicaid will require health systems to manage an entire population — not just those who show up for services. ”

“The idea to create the medical brand for the region came from Betsy Paynter, the town’s economic development coordinator.”

Besides the demand for medical services, Paynter said the area is ripe for development because of a new public sewer line approved for the area.

“Medical facilities often have heavier water usage requirements than a traditional commercial building. Now that we have sewers coming to the area, it makes it that much more attractive for medical uses.”

“As medical systems look to provide more and more community-based services, Newtown is both a central location for these services and the corridor has direct access to Interstate 84 that serves the entire region.” she told The Advocate.



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