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6 ‘best practices’ for making a partnership work

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Authors of an article in Trustee propose six “best practices” raising the likelihood that a partnership of healthcare organizations will succeed.

The authors note: “While many partnerships have been successfully completed in recent years, participants all too often indicate that their exploration, negotiation and integration processes could have been smoother, yielding more optimal benefits in a timelier manner.”

So their six “essential practices are:

“1. Develop a shared vision with guiding principles, goals and objectives.”

“2. Quantify a business case based on achievable synergies.”

“3. Improve operating performance.”

“4. Engage physicians.’.

“5. Establish an enterprise-level board while retaining local governance.”

“6. Allow an organic definition of a new management structure.

The authors noted that  ”to gain the maximum benefit of executive strengths in the combining organizations, {a} system-level board endorsed a nonprescriptive structuring of the new management team. Two division presidents would direct acute and nonacute services in two geographic ‘pods’ with approximately the same population and revenue, crossing legacy organization service areas. Equal representation of senior management from each organization would not be required.”

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