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Aetna to push community health

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Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini, eager to cut his company’s costs, says the huge insurer will  invest in social programs to help the health of people in the long run. Aetna has been moving away from the Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges because it has found them inadequately profitable.

He says the ACA is flawed in that while it has opened access to coverage for millions of Americans, it doesn’t adequately address the role of community and behavioral health in reducing treatment of chronic illness, as do such things as encouraging healthy eating and exercise.

So, USNews & World Report says:

“Aetna is focusing its efforts on setting the blueprint for what it sees as the next step to health care reform under a new administration.

“Through research and grants the firm’s Aetna Foundation is investing in projects aimed at reducing chronic disease like expanding healthy eating options or constructing walkable neighborhoods. The company… intends to demonstrate that the quality of a person’s health has less to do with the health care they receive and more to do with how they live.

This got the attention of  those of us at Cambridge Management Group who have long worked in community health and have been addressing the social/behavioral causes of illness and how to address them.

To read the US News article, please hit this link.

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