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Aledade might offer a route out of U.S. healthcare swamp

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The New York Times reports that a medical technology startup called Aledade might be demonstrating a  route or routes out of America’s healthcare swamp.

The Times reports: “The company’s software addresses {the fragmentation of American healthcare} by collecting patient data from a variety of sources, creating a helicopter view. Doctors can see which specialists a patient has visited, which tests have been ordered, and, crucially, how much the overall care might be costing the healthcare system.”

“More important, the software uses the data to assemble a battery of daily checklists for physicians’ practices. These are a set of easy steps for the practice to take — call this patient, order this vaccine — to keep on top of patients’ care, and, in time, to reduce its cost.”

“Thanks to Aledade, practices’ finances had improved and their patients were healthier. On every significant measure of healthcare costs, the Aledade method appeared to have reduced wasteful spending.”

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