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‘Big White Wall’ for mental illness

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Sorrowing Old Man,” by Vincent Van Gogh.

This piece in HealthAffairs looks at “the misalignment between the number of individuals who can benefit from mental health assistance and the availability of traditional services.

“Yet scale is not the only issue. Stigma, accessibility, and medical models of treatment are equal deterrents to seeking help. Poor mental health impacts us all and carries a huge socio-economic cost. Technology offers a solution and is already helping those experiencing depression, anxiety, and other such problems to lead healthier, more productive, happier lives.

Big White Wall (BWW)—a digital and behavioral health and well-being service facilitated by healthcare professionals—is one of these solutions. In the organization’s name, ‘big’ recognizes the infinite nature of human emotion; ‘white’ conveys the blank canvas the service provides; and, ‘wall’ symbolizes shelter and support, as well as the barriers we sometimes need to break through to improve mental health.”

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