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Business group wants to ditch mandates

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A big business-backed group wants to scape the insurance-purchase mandate in the Affordable Care Act and substitute tax credits in its place.

Modern Healthcare reported:

“The size of the credits would be tied to the cost of the lowest-priced available coverage in a market.

“The Conference Board report also calls for collapsing and broadening the insurance exchanges established under the Affordable Care Act so that more customers will use them. That would include eliminating separate exchanges for individuals and small businesses established under the Affordable Care Act.”

For various reasons of history and ideology, ¬†leaders first turn ¬†for social-and-economic engineering to the tax code, instead of doing things directly, say through higher or lower taxes and direct spending. It may not be efficient, but Americans put up with it, even though it has created the most complex tax “system” in the world.

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